Wrentham Ma Mold Removal & Remediation

Wrentham is a town in Norfolk County Massachusetts with a population of around 11,000 residents. Wrentham actually straddles the border of Rhode Island and is home to the Wrentham outlets for anyone interested in some bargain shopping. Wrentham is home to Lake Archer and Lake Pearl, as well as the beautiful Wrentham State Forest, making it a popular town for nature lovers and adventurers.  Wrentham also has smaller lakes sprinkled throughout the town and sees a fair amount of moisture and precipitation throughout the year.

Mold Removal Services in Wrentham MA

BGS Environmental specializes in mold removal and remediation services. With our headquarters located in Quincy MA, we service the entire South Shore area including Wrentham! There are thousands of households spread across the town of Wrentham, most of these homes consist of either a basement, an attic, or both! Basements and attics are the most common areas for mold spores to grow and spread. Especially when moisture gets in; mold thrives in dark, moist atmospheres, and a moist basement or attic is the perfect recipe for mold growth. If you notice mold growing within your home, do not wait, call the mold removal experts at BGS Environmental. Our team will come in and assess the damage level of the outbreak and quickly and cleanly remove the mold and prevent future outbreaks.

Interior Demolition in Wrentham MA

BGS Environmental also offers interior demolition services to residents of Wrentham! If a mold outbreak has gone undetected for too long, mold can actually compromise the structural integrity of certain parts of your home. This only happens in extreme cases but nonetheless, interior demolition may be the only solution. BGS not only does interior demolition for mold related projects but for any project that requires interior demolition! If you’re removing a wall or ripping out cabinets and are in need of an interior demolition team, contact BGS for a quick and clean project done right! BGS has years of experience of performing interior demolition for mold-related projects and over the course of that time we have fine-tuned the demolition procedure and can offer the cleanest demolition project!

If you are located in Wrentham and have noticed a mold outbreak in your home, or require interior demolition, contact the professionals here at BGS Environmental!

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