Why You Need a Mold Test First

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Why You Need a Mold Test First

There are so many signs of mold issues within a home; the room can smell musty, you may be able to see it in your basement or in your bathroom, or you and your family could be suffering mysterious health problems for months.

If you can’t see the mold but are confident your home has a mold problem, then it’s best to contact a professional.

Why Call a Mold Tesing Specialist

The first step in the mold remediation process is to test to confirm that there is a mold problem. At BGS Environmental Services, Inc., we don’t want any homeowner to have to pay for remediation services unless they absolutely have to! Contacting a separate company for the mold testing is best.

This mold testing company will determine the level of airborne mold spores and will identify the specific species of mold that are present. The mold test will include air quality testing, surface testing, bulk testing (or the removal of materials) and swab testing.

After a Mold Problem is Confirmed

After the third party mold testing company confirms that there is a mold issue, BGS Environmental Services, Inc. will be there for expert mold remediation services. Located in Quincy, our mold removal experts put you and your belongings first, which is why we take care of the entire cleanup and removal process as well as provide repair work if there is extensive mold damage.

Our mold remediation company will clean or repair attics, basements, bathrooms and more in order to prevent water from seeping into your home and causing mold growth. Contact our mold removal business today if your home has been confirmed of having a mold issue!

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