What to Wear When Cleaning Household Mold

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What to Wear When Cleaning Household Mold

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At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we understand that seeing mold in your home is embarrassing and frightening; the first thing you want to do is go to town and clean it up as soon as possible.

Although we always recommend contacting a mold remediation company in Quincy, Braintree or Boston for home mold removal needs, some homeowners prefer to tackle the cleanup job themselves. If you’re one of those people, then you’re going to have to take some precautionary measures before you start.

How to suit up to remove mold

Breathing in both mold spores and toxic fumes from household cleaners is not healthy. Purchase a respirator from your local hardware store for about $15 — just be sure it covers your mouth and nose. Find a pair of waterproof gloves. If you’ve got a pair you use for cleaning dishes or your bathroom, that pair will be just fine to use. Make sure there aren’t any holes and that the gloves go up to at least your mid forearm, though ideally you should get a pair that goes to your elbows.

If you plan on using harsher chemical cleaners on the mold problem, then we suggest wearing goggles. Harsh cleaners such as ammonia will not only burn your skin upon contact, but also sting your eyes significantly. Of course, don’t forget that you won’t want to clean up mold in your nice business suit; throw on a pair of pants and a shirt you won’t mind having to toss later.

When to call a mold removal company

If, during your home mold cleanup process, you find that there is a larger underlying mold problem than you originally found on the surface, it’s best to contact BGS Environmental Services, Inc. so that our team can assess how extensive the problem is. We recommend mold testing first to determine how much mold is present.

Contact our Quincy MA mold removal company today for a free estimate!

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