What is the Cause of Attic Mold?

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What is the Cause of Attic Mold?

As homeowners, we generally have an understanding that at some point or another there will be mold in our house, whether it be in the refrigerator, shower, or basement. However, one sneaky place we generally don’t think about is our attic.

Many homes generally don’t have an easy access to the attic, making them a very neglected place — perfect for mold. The attic is the first line of defense from moisture getting into the rest of the house, so it’s no wonder that attics are a mold magnet. Here are some reasons as to why you might have mold up there.

  • Leaky Roof. One of the most obvious issues with attic mold, a leaky roof can be a pain, especially if it isn’t an obvious one. Most leaks will generally be noticed in the early spring months and meltwater from snow finds it’s way into little cracks in the roofing. If this goes unnoticed, mold is more likely to take root and cause issues.
  • Insulation Issues. Missing insulation from parts of the attic or even insulation that was incorrectly installed can cause mold problems in attics. The wrong kind of insulation or improper installation can cause serious moisture buildup in the long run. One idea would be to not keeping layering the insulation and just have it professionally installed from the beginning.
  • Poor Ventilation. The function of an attic is to regulate the rest of your home’s temperature. In the winter, you want the attic to remain cold, as that is a sign the air is properly circulated. Don’t think that by adding more insulation is a good idea to trap warm, moist air in the home thus reducing your heating bill. Instead, you will just end up paying money for mold remediation services in the spring due to this common misconception of having a warm attic.

Keep in mind that although you may not visibly see mold, you may still experience side effects of being exposed to mold. Be sure to call your local mold remediation company and let them make your home livable again!

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