What Is Mold Testing?

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Testing for mold

What Is Mold Testing?

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Although we don’t provide mold testing here at BGS Environmental Services, Inc., that doesn’t mean homeowners should skip this important process. If you suspect that mold is in your home, there’s really only one true way to confirm your suspicions before opting for mold removal services — and that’s through a mold test.

Mold testing comes in two forms: Surface testing and air testing, both of which offer benefits and are in their own way accurate.

Air Testing. Air testing involves a spore trap that captures any particles in the air, including mold spores. As air travels through a controlled vacuum, it passes through this trap and the mold sticks to the surface of the spore trap. The spore trap is then sent to a lab for testing and if the results come back positive, then homeowners know mold is in that room.

Surface Testing. Surface testing is more varied in terms of technique, but at the end of the day all of the samples must be tested in a lab setting to check for mold. Surface testing includes bulk samples (a piece of drywall is removed and sent to the lab), swab samples (a cotton-like swab is rubbed over the suspected surface and sent to the lab), and tape samples (a piece of clear tape is pressed against the affected surface and sent to the lab).

All of these types of samples are scrutinized under a microscope for trained lab techs to pinpoint and determine the type of mold found in your home. If there is mold found in the samples, then it’s time to call a mold remediation company. BGS Environmental Services, Inc. is here to help homeowners with their household mold problems.

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