What Causes a Flooded Basement?

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What Causes a Flooded Basement?

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Basement flooding can occur at any time during the team and to any home, old or new. There are dozens of reasons why basement floods can occur, but here are a few of the most common causes.

Water Line Break or Hot Water Tank Break. Water line breaks can occur at any time and are most likely caused by severing the pipe during construction in the area, freezing and splitting of pipes during cold weather, or aging plumbing. Hot water tanks can break due to old age and cause basement flooding.

Sump Pump Failure. New homes are required to have sump pumps installed if the area is known for having poor water drainage systems in order to safeguard the home’s foundation. However sump pump failures are quite common, especially in the Boston area, due to heavy rainfall and the inability of the sump pump to keep up. As a result the water levels can rise up into the basement and flood the area.

Sewers Are Full. When sewers are full, this means all the pipes in that system are full due to excess water. The water needs to go somewhere, and that somewhere will most likely be backtracking it’s way through your home’s pipes. Water will find the nearest exit, which is probably a basement drain or any other low fixture.

If you’ve experienced a flooded basement due to these issues or any other cause, it’s important to act quickly and remove standing water within 48 hours or there is a high probability of significant permanent damage to your home as well as the beginning of mold growth.

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