What Boston Realtors Are Required to Tell Buyers

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Beacon Street, Boston

What Boston Realtors Are Required to Tell Buyers

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If you’re in the market to purchase an existing home this year, then you’re in luck because the market is doing quite well! There are plenty of options out there and available for those eager to look. However as you may know, the Boston area may be beautiful and convenient to live in, but the homes can be quite old.

You just never know what’s lurking behind those walls, in the basement, in the attic, or even under the house. Most home buyers wouldn’t think to look close enough into the smallest confines of a potential home to see if there are issues. Luckily, Massachusetts requires Realtors to disclose any problems that the house has — including a past mold problem, basement flood or attic leak.

Not only are they required to disclose this information to potential buyers, but also required to answer questions truthfully about the issues to the best of their knowledge and ability.

The Problem with Unknown Problems

While Realtors in Massachusetts are, by law, entitled to disclose this important information, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they know about the problem to begin with. In fact, there have been many instances in which homeowners have moved into a home with a mold problem and gone straight to the Real estate company about it. Unfortunately, the big issue is that the seller either forgot to or consciously chose not to disclose these problems to the Realtor to begin with.

Sellers not being forthcoming about problems lead to larger mold issues down the road for the new resident; the cost for mold removal ends up landing in their lap. As a professional mold removal company who has been helping homeowners with their mold problems for decades, we want to make sure you as the bigger questions next time you see a home.

Always ask to see any documentation about a mold, water, electrical or septic problem that was resolved. If you do unfortunately move into a home and find a mold problem down the road, please contact our Boston mold removal company today!

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