Weymouth MA Mold Removal & Remediation

weymouthLocated right next to our home town of Quincy, Weymouth is accessible via a number of Massachusetts Routes, including Routes 3 and 3A — which makes for an easy drive across town for us to provide mold remediation services. Settled in 1622, Weymouth is a predominantly residential area consisting of beautiful historic homes and local businesses. Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses in the area with professional mold remediation service.

Our Mold Removal Services in Weymouth

BGS Environmental Services, Inc. provides professional mold remediation services to both new and historic homes in the area. Our approach is conservative yet effective mold removal; we leave any demolition and material removal as a last resort because we understand that you want to keep your house looking the way it did before your mold problem.

Whether you have basement mold, attic mold, or mold elsewhere throughout your home, our remediation experts in Weymouth are here to help remove the existing mold and prevent it’s return in the future. If your home is prone to moisture, it may be beneficial to have our experts install an indoor air quality system to help remove it. BGS Environmental Services, Inc. is also known for efficient commercial mold removal for schools, government buildings, and local businesses in the area. We want to make sure that anyone who passes through your doors is not affected by the health issues related to long-term mold exposure.

When to Contact our Remediation Experts

Although the source of a mold problem can be difficult to pinpoint in your home, there are certain ways that mold gives itself away that you should be aware of. The most obvious sign of a potential mold problem (aside from visual cues), is the musty smell it gives off. Other signs of mold include damp building materials such as cinder blocks, wood and drywall, as well as short or long-term health problems. Symptoms that resemble allergies, asthma or neurological disorders can all be attributed to mold exposure.

If you notice any of these signs, please contact our mold removal company in Weymouth so that our experts can quickly assess the problem and take steps to control and remove the mold. Contact BGS Environmental Services, Inc. today for a free estimate and assessment!

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