Wet Weather Followed by Warmth: A Recipe for Mold

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Wet Weather Followed by Warmth: A Recipe for Mold

The Boston area is currently experiencing some unusually cold weather this week. Tuesday, April 26 is seeing pouring rain an 40 degree weather with winds up to 14 mph. For Bostonians, we can’t be too surprised that the weather has turned on us.

However, don’t forget to securely fasten and latch all your window panes, doors, skylights and any other places where water can seep into your home. Local weather stations are warning that the rain could not clear up until much later in the evening, leaving the Boston area stuck with rain during the evening commute home.

Starting tomorrow though the weather is expected to clear up, with temperatures rising into the high 50’s. Such a drastic change in weather and temperature is the perfect recipe for mold growth in homes. Be on the lookout! BGS Environmental Services, Inc. stresses that it only takes basement or attic leak that can ruin a whole room of personal belongings.

Be sure to read our post regarding signs you may have mold in your home, or check out a few ways on how to prevent a mold problem in the first place.

Already believe you have mold in your home? Contact us as soon as possible so the issue can be contained!

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