Tips for Preventing Carpet Mold

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carpet mold

Tips for Preventing Carpet Mold

Mold anywhere in your home is something you want to avoid, but mold in your carpets is one of the costlier areas to suffer from an infestation. Once you find mold in your carpets it’s typically too late to fix the problem, leading to a full carpet replacement, but preventing the mold all together is possible and easier than you know!

Low Humidity

A portable dehumidifier in your home can be used to lower humidity levels to a point that doesn’t allow mold to grow. 65% or lower is the ideal level of humidity in a home. If your home is large, more than one dehumidifier may be needed. Modern homes with central air units are less likely to have high humidity levels than their older counterparts. You’ll be amazed at how much moisture is pulled out of the air surrounding your carpets!

Low Temperatures

Mold requires warmth to grow. Air conditioning in your home will help to keep the temperature low enough to prevent mold growth while helping to remove excess moisture from the air. Typically, home with full central air units won’t require an additional dehumidifier to keep humidity low. Your home should be kept at a temperature of 80 degrees or lower to prevent mold growth in your carpets.

Keep The Carpet Clean

Clean surfaces make it harder for mold to thrive. You should invest in a good quality vacuum and vacuum your carpets once a week to keep them clean and fresh. Some people with pets find they need to vacuum even more often to prevent to buildup of hair and dander on the carpeted surfaces of their home. Not only will your carpet look better, but you’ll know you’re preventing mold before it can begin to grow!

Utilize Man-Made Carpet Materials

Nylon and olefin carpet are two of the most commonly found man-made carpet materials. Traditional and organic options on the market, such as wool, are much more prone to mold growth. Those materials hold onto moisture and heat longer than man-made materials do, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. Carpet mold often begin below the surface and by the time you find it, it will be too late to correct the growth. If you live in an older home with natural materials, consider replacing your carpet with a man-made alternative. You may be surprised to find there’s been mold just beneath your feet all along!

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