Stages of an Interior Demolition Project

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Stages of an Interior Demolition Project

Despite popular belief, not all demolition projects involve a wrecking ball, dynamite and massive crumbling skyscrapers. In fact, the majority of demolition projects that take place are interior demolition.

Interior demolition is associated with residential or commercial renovation projects and can be just as intricate as explosive demolition. Below are the phases you should expect when undergoing a renovation project.

Planning Stage

Each interior demolition project is different from the last, which is why this crucial step can often take longer than the demolition itself — but for good reason! Professional interior demolition companies want to make sure the job is done correctly to leave you satisfied.

Expect an initial walkthrough of the interior of your home or building. The demo team may ask about any past history of the building: When was it built? Has it already undergone a renovation or extension? Have there been any instances of flooding, leaks, or cracks? When it comes to leaks or flooding, there may be an underlying mold issue. Be sure to choose a company who provides mold remediation.

A blueprint will be drafted of the new layout. Once approved by you, the team will have the green light to get started. Note that certain structures — such as commercial space or historic buildings — may require town or state approval.

Preparation Stage

Just as crucial as the planning stage, preparation for interior demolition should not be taken lightly. Any professional demolition team will ensure that no serious injury or unwanted structural damage will occur on site by clearing the space for work.

Expect to have the room or rooms that are undergoing renovation to be sealed off. Vacuums and fans should be used to minimize dust. Asbestos treatment and mold remediation are often a common job while the demolition project is underway. Asbestos and mold can cause serious health problems and it is pertinent that these particles do not spread to other places of the structure.

Demolition Stage

Interior demolition does not deal with any exterior components of a structure, yet it still includes a variety of different parts and materials. The removal of drywall, concrete, brick, cement slabs, and wooden floors are all common interior demolition projects.

The length of this stage depends on a few factors, such as how large the area is, the type of materials being removed, how many rooms, and whether or not there is mold or asbestos present.

No matter how big or small your project may be, it is best to hire an expert if you want quality results. Save yourself the time and the hassle of having to worry about taking apart your own kitchen, which could lead to unexpected damages!

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