Spring Cleaning and Mold Problems

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Spring Cleaning and Mold Problems

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The weather is finally looking sunny and warm from hereon out in the South Shore and greater Boston areas. Warm weather and extra daylight means many homeowners in the area will be undergoing the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a great way to purge your home of unwanted items. These unwanted items can either be donated, tossed, sold or traded for other items. At BGS Environmental Services, we can probably guess where the majority of these unwanted items are coming from: Your basement, attic or garage.

The Issue with Mold on Household Items

Before you decide to donate, sell, or give away unwanted items such as rugs, clothing and furniture, it’s important to first assess the room from which you’re pulling these items from. Many homeowners don’t realize that there may be an existing mold issue within their home, especially after a particularly wet winter and early spring. Mold may be growing on the items that you intend to give away, and that can cause health issues for the buyer.

It’s also important to keep in mind that removing items from basements and attics that are covered in mold could stir up mold spores and spread them throughout your home, causing major issues down the road for you and your family. The spreading of mold due to carrying mold-infested items through your home can cause poor indoor air quality and in order to fix this problem you will need to contact a mold removal and indoor air quality expert.

BGS Environmental Services provides home mold removal, attic mold removal, basement mold removal and indoor air quality improvement services for homeowners in Quincy and surrounding areas. We also provide demolition services and can take your moldy items and dispose of them properly. Contact us today for a mold remediation estimate!

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