Signs You May Have an Indoor Air Problem

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Signs You May Have an Indoor Air Problem

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Tired of walking into your home and being greeted by an overpowering musty or stale odor? Have you and your family been suffering from unexplained illnesses, only to feel fine as you step outside the home? If so, your home most likely has poor indoor air quality.

Health symptoms of poor indoor air quality

Mold is a major contributor of poor indoor air quality because as it digests it’s food (wood, drywall or other materials), it releases noxious gases that eventually lead to health issues for us humans. Some tell-tale signs include dry, red eyes and a runny nose. Aches and unexplained pains may also start to develop, as well as upper respiratory problems and inflammation.

It’s important to understand that many homeowners could be living with poor indoor air quality for years without noticing an issue. Sometimes it may take visitors to realize that there’s an issue with your air quality, because it’s common to simply get used to the odors of your own home. Health symptoms will also not develop all at once, but over a long period of time you can become sensitized to air pollutants.

When to Call an Indoor Air Quality Specialist

If you’ve experienced any of the above health issues, then you should contact BGS Environmental Services, Inc. so their professionals can come and assess your indoor air quality. Other people in your family may also complain of the same symptoms you are experiencing. When this happens, you may have air quality issues.

Let the experts at BGS Environmental Services, Inc. get to the root of the musty odor smell and improve your home’s indoor air quality for good. Contact us today to schedule a walk-through appointment.

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