Should I Worry About Mold During The Winter?

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Should I Worry About Mold During The Winter?

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Household mold problems are surprisingly more prevalent during the winter months than in the warmer months. This is in part due to poor air circulation in the home because windows and doors are closed shut to keep the warm air in. Some areas often see higher amounts of precipitation during the winter, and where there’s moisture, there’s mold.

Homeowners in Quincy and the surrounding Boston area should be hyper aware of signs of household mold. If you can’t see the green or black mold spores on a surface, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an underlying mold issue. Other signs of mold can include a strong, earthy and musty smell.

How to prevent mold in the winter

  • Ensure your home has good air circulation. At BGS Environmental Services, we can quickly access whether or not your home’s internal air is being properly circulated. If it isn’t, we can install air circulation systems that also improve indoor air quality.
  • Take the time to insulate your water pipes so that they don’t crack or burst during the frigid New England winter. This will prevent flooding and leaks that can cause mold problems.
  • Replace windows or doors if you see any condensation buildup. Condensation means the window either wasn’t installed properly, is not a good fit for the space, or is poorly insulated.

If you already have a mold problem, contact our Quincy-based mold remediation company today for fast, thorough mold removal services. We want to make sure your home is ready for the holiday season and is safe for the rest of the winter!

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