Prevent Mold by Preventing Moisture

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Prevent Mold by Preventing Moisture

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Mold is a fungus that can survive in almost any environment. Most molds are harmless, but some molds can pose serious health risks. Mold is almost ubiquitous in the outdoor environment but when mold gets in your home not only is it obscene but can also pose health risks to you and your family. At the first sign of mold, it is important to call a mold removal specialist to take care of your fungal intruder. If you notice wet spots or moist environments within your home you may already be experiencing mold. Here are some situations in which mold will thrive!

Humid Environments

If you live in an area that is particularly humid, a tropic-coastal environment perhaps, mold is more likely to take up residence in your home. If it has been unusually humid or rainy for a long stretch, be sure to pay attention to any spores that may have formed. Basements can often be a breeding ground for mold because they offer cool damp environments. Basements are rarely well ventilated which means moisture just condensates within the area. Consider getting a dehumidifier to combat humidity levels within your own home.


Another moisture related issue that causes mold is leaking. Leaking can happen in many areas of the home, pipes that run all throughout your house can spring leaks. This scenario can be difficult to detect and therefore dangerous because undetected leaks can lead to undetected mold. Leaks in the roof also can cause a buildup of moisture in undetected areas like the attic or areas less traveled. Always try to be aware and inspect less traversed rooms or areas within your home.

Wet Clothes

If you just came back from vacation it can be easy to toss all your dirty laundry aside while you prepare to get back to reality. While you’re dreaming of paradise though, your pile of wet clothes has created a paradise for mold spores. Damp clothes and towels sitting in a pile not getting proper airflow create a perfect environment for mold to develop and spread.

If your home is susceptible to any of these issues, or you have noticed moisture or mold in the past, contact BGS for a free estimate!

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