Mold Removal in Wellesley MA

Wellesley is a town in Norfolk County Massachusetts with a population of around 30,000 residents. Wellesley is home to Babson College and Wellesley College and the town is known for its wealth of education! Wellesley is a suburban town consisting largely of family homes. Homes in Wellesley, like many Massachusetts towns, are typically equipped with a basement or attic, or both!

Mold Remediation in Wellesley MA

Basements and attics are prone to mold outbreaks as the conditions in these areas are perfect for mold spores to grow and spread! The dark, moist conditions that are typically found in basements or attics of homes can promote mold growth especially if there is a source of water. If your roof has a slight leak and it is dripping into your attic, the damage could be severe. Similarly, basements may flood, especially in a harsh New England winter, and the remaining moisture can be a haven for mold spores! Mold can go undetected for a long time and could be harming you and your family, if you have had a recent flood or leak, contact BGS today and we can inspect your home for mold and remove any mold you may have in your Wellesley home.

Interior Demolition in Wellesley

In extreme circumstances, a mold infestation can become so severe that it has damaged the structural integrity of a portion of your home, in these cases, interior demolition may be necessary. BGS has a team of professional contractors experienced with interior demolition jobs. BGS can also handle any non-mold related interior demolition projects. We have years of experience working on a variety of interior demolition projects and have perfected a safe and clean interior demolition method!

If you are located in Wellesley MA and are in need of interior demolition or mold remediation services, contact BGS mold removal today!

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