Mold Removal Boston MA

boston-1448339_640Greater Boston is known as New England’s most populous metropolitan area. The city is home to a great deal of well-known people, places, and historical events, including: the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Tea Party, Harvard University, the Boston accent, and the country’s first subway system.

Unfortunately, the city is also home to an unwanted guest: Mold.

Mold Problems in Boston MA

What makes Boston such an attractive place to live is it’s mix of historic charm and post modern vibe. However historic buildings in the city of Boston and surrounding areas tend to have mold problems due to poor drainage solutions and old building materials that haven’t been updated or replaced. Our mold remediation company in Boston has helped dozens of apartment and homeowners in Boston with their mold problems by getting to the source of the issue — which is normally water damage.

Older apartment buildings and single family homes in the area are subject to water damage throughout the year. Heavy rains and winter snowstorms make structures vulnerable to mold problems, especially since many homes don’t have proper air flow. Sometimes homeowners believe that in order to keep their home’s historic charm, they can’t make any upgrades to the structure. This belief leads to mold issues down the road. At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we highly recommend installing an air purification system as well as following these steps to prevent mold.

Mold Remediation Services for Boston

Our Boston mold removal company has over 20 years of industry experience. Our successful mold remediation methods include going straight to the source of the issue. Whether you have attic, basement or general mold issues in your home, the goal is to stop the mold problem at the source. BGS Environmental Services, Inc. is well known for being timely, professional, and methodical when it comes to leaving no mold spore behind. We will always go out of our way to seal off affected rooms, and you can rest assured knowing that when the job is done, it will always clean up after ourselves.

Every city has it’s mold problems, but our remediation experts are here to make sure there is one less home or business with a mold issue. Contact us today for a fair and timely estimate and you’ll soon be on your way to a mold-free space!

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