Interior Demolition

What is Interior Demolition?

It is important to know the difference between the various renovation terms so you understand what type of service to ask for. Interior demolition is the process of taking apart the inside of a building in a safe and professional way. Best practices for interior demolition include preserving the outside and foundation of the structure as well as certain interior areas not scheduled for a renovation.

Interior demolition services include the careful removal of walls, pipes, fittings, wiring, partitions, finishes and equipment. One of the major benefits of interior demolition includes the reuse or recycling of materials for a different structural purpose.

Interior demolition also includes select demolition and deconstruction services. Select demolition is the process of removing specific portions or parts of the inside of a structure, such as wooden trim or flooring, while still protecting the rest of the structure. Deconstruction requires taking a structure apart yet saving the desired materials or parts of the building for later use.

How Interior Demolition Works

Our expert team takes essential steps to ensure each project is performed safely and thoroughly. As far as safety is concerned, our team will seal off any work area and use industrial air filters to collect dust, debris, and mold spores that may be kicked up during the interior demolition process.

Our promise of a thorough and efficient project means that by the end, you won’t even realize our crew was in the building! Other contractors may leave a mess of dust and unused materials, yet we pride ourselves on taking a “Leave No Trace” approach to our interior demolition work.

We started by only providing interior demolition services to those whose homes have been severely damaged by mold, but now BGS specializes in all sorts of interior demolition projects from drywall demolition, non-load bearing wall removal, carpet removal, and more! When dealing with mold-related demolition projects, safety and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, and BGS has adopted that strategy into all of our interior demolition projects. After we have finished, you won’t even be able to tell we were there! Our contractors are experienced with both residential and commercial interior demolition projects.

How Does Mold Removal Come Into Play?

For many homeowners, it can be a rude awakening to hear that within the building’s structural components lies mold. Depending on how old the structure is, lead paint abatement or asbestos removal may be necessary as well.


Mold removal is essential to undergo if you are opting for an interior renovation. Removing mold throughout the interior demolition process ensures that the materials used are mold free. A mold-free structure will prevent early wear and tear on drywall, wood, and plaster. Mold can damage the structural integrity of these materials to the point that interior demolition is the only resolution.


If your mold problem so extensive that it affects the structure’s integrity, or if you just need professional contractors for an interior demolition project, contact BGS Environmental Services Inc for expert interior demolition services. Our professional mold remediation and interior demolition company can help both residential and commercial properties in the South Shore and Greater Boston areas.

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