Importance of Removing Mold in Your Office Building

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Importance of Removing Mold in Your Office Building

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We normally associate mold as a strictly household problem. There seems to be a silent (but often misguided) understanding that commercial buildings and office spaces don’t have mold issues whatsoever.

Our commercial mold removal company wants to quell this rumor by stating that businesses can, in fact, have mold problems.

Causes of Mold in Commercial Buildings

No roof or basement is indestructible and water can eventually leak into the basement or foundation of a commercial building or the roof can start to leak. Many office buildings have flat-topped roofs which causes water to pool if the drainage system is poor. Standing water needs to go somewhere eventually, and it will often seek out the weakest point on the roof and behind to inflict damage, causing leaks and mold problems if the leak isn’t immediately addressed. Basements too can develop leaks if the foundation is old or wasn’t build properly.

How Our Commercial Mold Removal Company Can Help

In the South Shore area, our mold remediation company is constantly helping local businesses with their mold problems. The area is home to many older buildings that make get face-lifts elsewhere on the structure, but not on the roof or basement. It’s important to be mindful of signs of mold in your office, such as a musty smell or if your employees have complained about allergies or upper respiratory issues.

If you believe you have mold in your commercial building, contact our commercial mold remediation company in Quincy and surrounding areas today!

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