How To Prevent Mold Buildup on Clothing

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How To Prevent Mold Buildup on Clothing

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Mold is no fun — and it’s especially no fun when you’ve found it on your clothing or other fabric items. Although not many people have issues with mold on clothing, it can happen if you aren’t careful.

Causes of Moldy Clothing

If you toss moist towels into your hamper, chances are mold can start growing on them if you don’t empty the hamper to wash them within a reasonable amount of time. Homeowners who also don’t have have a breathable laundry hamper may experience musty odors when taking the clothes out to wash them. Other causes of mold on clothing include having food or beverages still on the clothes; it’s important to pre-treat any spilled food or drinks before placing it in a hamper or in the wash to prevent staining and mold.

Preventing Moldy Clothing

  • Thoroughly wash your clothes using hot or warm water and a gentle spin cycle. The hot water will kill mold spores and allergens while the gentle spin cycle won’t ruin the articles of clothing.
  • Always thoroughly dry any wet clothes by either using a drying machine or hang-drying the clothing. If you’re using a drier, remove the lint from the lint tray to ensure a thorough drying. If you’re hang-drying the clothes, double check that they are dry before taking them off the line.
  • Don’t leave wet or damp clothes in a pile or in a hamper for more than a couple days. Not only will this cause damage to the fabric (creases and wrinkles) but also give mold a green light to thrive in a moist and dark place.
  • Reduce the humidity in your house so that mold doesn’t have a chance to thrive. At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we provide homeowners with indoor air quality solutions to decrease and better regulate indoor air moisture and allergens.

If you’re worried that your clothes or the rest of your home are smelling musty or looking moldy, please contact our mold remediation company in Quincy, Braintree and Weymouth today. Our mold removal specialists will arrive on scene to determine whether or not your home has an underlying mold problem.

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