How to Prevent Basement Mold this Spring

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How to Prevent Basement Mold this Spring

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April showers bring May flowers — but they also bring mold! It’s around this time of year that many homeowners experience the most basement leaks due to increased precipitation. Now is the time to take preventative measures this spring.

  • Clean out your AC drip pan. Air conditioners are one of the culprits for mold growth in the home due to the moisture that collects in the drip pans. Be sure to clean these out bi-weekly.
  • Add a layer of insulation to exterior walls, floors or windows in order to decrease condensation. When cold air meetings warm air, condensation is a big issue if areas of the home aren’t insulated properly.
  • Be sure to keep doors open in your home to improve the airflow. Mold loves growing in dark, damp and breeze-free conditions. Reduce the chance of a mold colony forming by keeping the basement door open.
  • If your laundry machines are in the basement, always be sure the dryer is vented to the outside of the house to prevent warm moist air from accumulating inside. Always clean out the lint tray and be sure that the vent duct is securely fastened and cleaned.
  • Regarding crawl spaces, be sure to have a few standing fans at the ready to vent the space — especially after it rains as water can seep into the dirt and bring in moisture.

Don’t forget that you can contact BGS Environmental Services for more tips and tricks on preventing or removing mold. If you notice any standing water in the basement after a heavy spring rain shower, definitely consider opting for mold testing 48 hours, as you may need mold remediation services.

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