How to Kill Mold Using Bleach

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How to Kill Mold Using Bleach

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When it comes to removing small amounts of household mold, most homeowners will reach for a chemical cleaning agent to get the job done. There’s nothing more reliable than grabbing a bottle of bleach if you’ve got mold on non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, marble and laminate.

Preparing to Remove Mold

After you’ve assessed your household mold issue, it’s time to for some prep work. Be sure you have a gallon bucket on hand, rubber cleaning gloves, a face mask, a brush or sponge, and some spare time. Keep in mind that bleach is a dangerous chemical and can burn the skin and eyes as well as give of potent fumes. Make sure you use precaution and always ensure that the area you’re working in is properly ventilated.

Removing Mold with Bleach

Once you’ve opened some windows or turned on a fan, pour one cup of liquid bleach into one gallon of warm water then stir to incorporate the chemical. Next, soak a sponge and apply the solution to the moldy surface, avoiding porous surfaces as best you can. For best results, don’t wash the solution off of the surface unless it’s a surface where to prepare food. Washing the bleach solution off may cause the mold problem to return.

When to Call a Professional

If your mold issue does end up returning, we recommend contacting our professional mold removal company in Quincy and the South Shore area. Your home may have a larger mold issue than you think; our remediation experts often find that the mold issue has spread behind drywall, in ceilings and under the floor. Only a professional mold test will be able to determine the type, extent and cause of the mold problem. Contact our professionals today for a free remediation estimate!

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