How to Achieve a Mold-Free Summer

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How to Achieve a Mold-Free Summer

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While the spring is arguably the worst time of year in terms in mold growth in Massachusetts, the summer offers no relief. As the heat and humidity increase, so does the chance of mold in your home.


The higher temperatures and humidity levels, in combination with summer precipitation creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. As a fungus, mold prefers damp, dark,  and humid places; thus, your basement is at an increased risk in the summer. Massachusetts, like other New England states, also experience plenty of thunderstorms in the summer.

Thunderstorms are particularly dangerous as they often cause flash flooding in lower areas; and if your basement or foundation is porous, you are opening the doors (literally) for mold to grow inside your home.

During times of high humidity (June through August), you should consider running a dehumidifier in your basement.  A dehumidifier does just what it sounds — removes moisture from the air, thereby decreasing humidity, and mold growth. You should also consider keeping doors and windows closed to limit the amount of moisture that makes its way in. Monitor the humidity levels inside your home and strive to keep them below 60%.

In the unfortunate event that your home does encounter mold damage this summer, give BGS Environmental a call! As mold remediation and removal specialists, we have been helping Massachusetts homeowners rid their homes of mold for several years. Removing mold from your home not only is beneficial for you and your family’s health, but allows you to enjoy your summer activities. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an in-home inspection!


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