Hingham MA Mold Removal & Remediation

Perez_Lincoln_houseOne of the many communities that we serve with our mold removal and remediation services is Hingham, MA. Located just a short drive down Route 3A, we often visit Hingham homes and businesses in need of our services. A coastal community home to over 22,000 people, we often come across Hingham properties that have suffered from water damage, which in turn, can initiate the growth of mold.

Incorporated in 1635, Hingham has a large number of older Colonial-style homes which — due to the way in which they were constructed — are more susceptible to mold. The area is very low-lying, which means some areas of the town experience basement flooding. Any standing water or moisture that isn’t removed within 48 hours can result in mold problems down the road. Our mold remediation company in Hingham can quickly locate the source of the leak and take the necessary steps to ensure that the mold is cleaned up and preventative measures are taken.

Attic mold problems can also arise if homeowners do not ensure that their roof is inspected for any leaks and weak points. Attic mold is one of the hardest mold problems to identify because many homeowners do not venture into this area of their home, therefore allowing the issue to spread. Contacting our Hingham mold removal company for attic mold issues ensures that no further structural damage is done to your attic due to the moisture problem.

Whether you are located on historic Derby Street, or another area of Hingham and are in need of our mold removal or remediation services, contact us today to schedule a FREE inspection!

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