Five Major Causes of Basement Mold

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Five Major Causes of Basement Mold

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Household mold is a very common issue no matter how new your home might be. Usually mold is found in dark, damp areas of a home. These areas include bathrooms, attics and most commonly basements.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can enter your home via windows, vents, doors, AC units and even through clothing and pets. However, with basement mold there are other causes. Here are five common culprits of basement mold.

  1. Basement Condensation Issues. Many mold removal professionals recommend that a basement stays around 60% humidity or less to prevent the growth of mold. High humidity and cold basement temperatures often causes moisture to build up when the humid air meets the cold temperatures of pipes, floors and walls.
  2. Previous Flood Problem. For homes that have faulting foundations, homeowners run the risk of basement flooding. Because not many people frequently go down into their basement, these floods (no matter how minor) can end up going undiscovered for days or weeks, which is plenty of time for mold to start growing.
  3. Basement Leak. Not as big of an issue as flooding, however just as serious when mold problems in homes are concerned. Leaks in cement walls will seep into floors, especially if they are carpeted. Remediation from a professional mold removal company will be needed if this occurs.
  4. Unclean, Dusty Basement. Again since not many homeowners go into their basements, let alone clean it on a regular basis, mold has the opportunity to gain a foothold in the area. Cleaning off the dust and clutter a couple times a year is a great way to prevent the growth of black mold.
  5. Previously Moldy Furniture & Belongings. One common way mold hitches a ride is via furniture and belongings such as suitcases. Always be sure to vacuum your outdoor furniture cushions before storing them away for the winter and place them in a plastic bag. Leaving your suitcase out in the sun will also kill off any attached spores.

Basement mold is not something to take lightly! Because almost all homes pull air from the basement in order to cool or heat the house, these mold spores can travel elsewhere in your home. Contact BGS Environmental Services Inc if you have a mold problem.

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