Dehumidifiers vs Air Ventilation Systems

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Dehumidifiers vs Air Ventilation Systems

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Being greeted with a musty odor or thick, moist air when you walk into the basement is never a pleasant experience. If you experience any of these issues at any point during the year, this should be a cause for concern: You may have a basement mold problem!

Your first gut decision may be to run to the nearest home improvement store and purchase a dehumidifier, but at BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we strongly encourage homeowners to consider another option for the best indoor air quality.

Why Air Ventilation Systems Work Best

Our Quincy MA-based professional mold remediation company will recommend an air ventilation system over a traditional dehumidifier for many reasons. First, an air ventilation system will give homeowners a better return on investment. Dehumidifiers are energy guzzlers, whereas ventilation systems such as the one Humidex offers will only cost an averages of $2 a month.

Dehumidifiers may claim that they have a long lifetime, but when it comes to improving your indoor air quality, you’ll want to run the dehumidifier often, but this can result in a shorter product lifespan. With an air ventilation system, the products work efficiently and are maintenance free — homeowners don’t even need to empty a water tray.

The major benefit of an air ventilation system over a dehumidifier is that the former can cover more square footage than the latter. It’s not worth it when you need to buy a dehumidifier for every room in your home; only one air ventilation system will cover up to 4,000 square feet depending on the model size purchased.

Are you ready to save both time and money when it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality? Contact BGS Environmental Services, Inc. and we will quickly and efficiently install a new air ventilation system you can count on.

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