Common Places to Find Bathroom Mold

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Common Places to Find Bathroom Mold

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Nearly every household has issues with bathroom mold at some point or another simply because the bathroom is the perfect growth environment for mold. The steam from the shower collects on walls, ceilings, and tiles, making for a moist platform for the mold to take hold.

It’s important to understand where in your bathroom mold tends to grow in order to make your preventative measures more targeted and efficient. Here are a few places to keep an eye on.

  • Tiles and Grout. Anywhere there are bathroom tiles and grout there will most likely be mold. In fact, this is the most common surface to find it on because moisture tends to collect there. Take a close look at the tiles and grout in your shower for any dark spots.
  • Bathroom Ceiling. Steam and hot air rises, which means the ceiling is the perfect spot for mold to grow and stay put. Not many homeowners can reach the ceilings to clean them, nor do many people think to clean their ceilings in the bathroom to begin with. Be sure to look in the corners and around light fixtures or windows.
  • Sink or Bathtub Basin. If your sink or bathtub doesn’t drain properly, mold can grown within the basin of both. No mold will grow where there is a steady stream of water, but around the outsides of the basin is where it will most likely be. Cleaning the sink and shower drain with soap and warm water will wash away the mold.

Our mold removal company provides bathroom mold removal for the South and North Shores and greater Boston area. It’s important to have good air flow and ventilation in the bathroom so you don’t end up having to replace entire ceilings and panels. Contact our mold remediation company today for a free estimate!

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