Common Places Likely to Have High Amounts of Mold

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Common Places Likely to Have High Amounts of Mold

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We’ve officially entered into the late spring, early summer season in the Boston area, and with the warm weather comes a myriad of activities to participate in around the city. Bostonians love the outdoors, our summer cottages, and browsing through local shops. However, did you know many of these places contain high amounts of mold?

Check out our list of common places people tend to frequent during the summer months that also harbor large amounts of mold.

  • Antique Shops. This one probably doesn’t surprise you. Many people who sell antiques are taking in these items from others who have had them stuffed away in a moldy attic, basement, or garage. Be sure to carefully assess each antique before purchase. If you really want the item, make sure you wipe it down with soap and warm water.
  • Greenhouses & Flower Shops. Mold is a fungus, and fungi thrive in warmer environments. It’s always fun walking through a beautiful greenhouse during the summer, but the amount of moisture trapped within the protective tarp will almost always attract mold.
  • Farms. We’re big on festivals, fairs and carnivals here in New England, and many of these great attractions can be found outside the city on local farms where passerby can pet or ride animals. Unfortunately, wherever there’s fertilizer and animals, so too is there mold growth.
  • Summer Cabins or Cottages. Living in the Northeast means we have seasons, so during the summer many people will escape to their summer home. Keep in mind that your summer cottage has been neglected for months and you never know if the roof or basement sprung a leak while you were gone, causing extensive mold damage.

At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we recommend always having non-drowsy allergy medicine on hand to take whenever you head to one of these locations. If you own a summer cottage that you believe may have a mold problem, it’s time to remediate the issue now because summer is in full swing. Give us a call today at 774-226-5911.

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