Can Mold Attract Bugs?

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Can Mold Attract Bugs?

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Doesn’t it seem like once you have one problem pop up in your home, there is a slew of other issues that sprout up? Many homeowners that may be experiencing a mold problem often see an increase in the number of bugs and insects within their home. Unless you’re keeping them as pets for some reason, creepy crawlers are the last thing you want to see making their way around your home. Why are bugs commonly found in areas where mold is found?


The conditions that mold spores begin to grow are also favorable conditions for bugs. Warm, damp, and dark environments are prime conditions for mold to grow and insect to live and breed. These areas tend to be in basements or attics of homes. These conditions provide food and drink for both mold and insects, some insects even feed on the mold.

Mold Mites

Mold mites are the most commonly associated pest when it comes to mold. Mold mites, similar to dust mites, are microscopic organisms that feed off of mold spores. Although they are minuscule and not visible to the naked eye, they are covered with long hairs which can break off and circulate through the air in your home. These microscopic hairs can cause allergic reactions, and paired with the harmful effects of mold, the air quality within your home can be severely damaged.


Booklice are another mold eating insect. Like mold mites, booklice are tiny creatures but are visible to the naked eye. Similar in size and shape to lice, booklice feed on mold and fungi. Booklice particularly favor moldy paper products, hence the name. Moldy old pieces of paper in the corner or moldy wallpaper are a haven for booklice. While these little insects have no real health concerns, they can be a nuisance around your home.


Termites are an insect you do not want in your home. Termites eat away at wood and can harm the integrity of your home by causing major structural damage. Termites are attracted to the specific gases and odor given off by mold. Also, mold can decrease the density of the wood and make it easier for termites to go through it.

So the answer is yes, mold can and does attract bugs, for a variety of reasons. The damp environment, the food option it creates, and the odor it gives off, are all reasons that bugs accompany mold. If you notice an increase in insects in your home, it may be a sign of a mold problem. Contact the mold specialists at BGS Environmental today!

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