BGS Environmental Urges Homeowners to Check Attics, Basements

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BGS Environmental Urges Homeowners to Check Attics, Basements

Last weekend the Central and Eastern Massachusetts area saw nearly 4 inches of rain fall between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Some interstate highways were reduced to one lane while drivers along other main thoroughfares were forced to pull over and wait out the worst of the storm.

Be on the hunt for mold

For South Shore residents, BGS Environmental Services Inc. wants homeowners to keep an eye out for mold growth in both their basement and attic. Basements in the South Shore are particularly vulnerable to flooding because the drainage systems often become overwhelmed by the influx of water, causing standing water around home foundations.

Attic mold from heavy rains means that there’s a leak in the roof. The heavy rains over the weekend coupled by high winds on Sunday and Monday have the potential to wreck havoc on worn roofs. If needed, BGS Environmental Services provides homeowners with interior demolition services, which can include attic and basement repair service due to mold problems.

If you’ve noticed a musty smell or reduced indoor air quality or have standing water or water stains in either the basement or attic, contact our Quincy-based mold removal specialists today at  774-226-5911.

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