Basement Mold Remediation

Basement mold is a major problem for both old and new buildings. If a structure’s foundation isn’t built properly, then this creates weaknesses in the foundation, often causing hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is when the water pressure outside becomes too great and causes a massive amount of pressure on the building’s foundation blocks, which are often concrete. Heavy rains or improper property drainage solutions can cause this buildup of pressure and, if there is a weakness in the home’s basement walls, leaking or even flooding can occur.

When You Need Basement Mold Remediationbasement mold

Basement leaks and floods are a big deal! The cost of repairing water or mold-damaged posessions and other personal property can be overwhelming. However, if you act quickly, many of your items as well as your home’s structure can be salvaged with the careful and thorough expertise of a basement mold removal company such as BGS Environmental Services, Inc. It’s important to contact a mold removal specialist in order to remove existing mold and prevent it’s spread throughout the rest of the basement or house.

Our Basement Mold Removal Process

Every basement mold remediation job is different. However, a typical job consists of the following steps:

  • First things first, it’s crucial to remove any puddles or standing water in the basement.
  • Contain the affected areas by sealing all vents, doors and windows. This is to make sure no mold spores travel to other places in the home.
  • Bring in air scrubbers or negative air machines to remove spores from the air by using two prefilters and a HEPA filter. This will allow clean air to move through the filters while leaving the mold spores trapped in the filters.
  • Most times, the sheetrock of the basement is damaged and needs to be removed and disposed of properly. This sheetrock is sealed tightly in poly pags to prevent contaminating the rest of the home or business.
  • The framing system in the walls as well as the ceiling cavity behind the removed sheetrock will then be sprayed and treated with fungicide disinfectant. Depending on the condition of the building’s framing, BGS Environmental Services, Inc. may need to seal the beams with a mold resistant encapsulant to prevent further mold growth.
  • For any non-porous surfaces in the basement, our mold removal specialists will clean the surface first with a HEPA vacuum and then finish the job with a fungicide disinfectant.
  • Sometimes homes or commercial buildings may have extensive mold issues that threaten the structure’s integrity as well as the livlihood of those living or working in the building. In this case, our mold removal company provides interior demolition services to remove the mold-infested pieces of the building.

At BGS Environmental Services, Inc., we’re here to help you through the mold removal process. Our experts will talk you through every step and why it’s necessary, as well as let you know which personal items may be salvagable. If you notice standing water, leaks, condensation on walls or windows or smell a musty odor in the basement, don’t wait another day! Contact our Quincy and greater Boston area mold removal company today at 774-226-5911.

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