Air Purifier for Household Mold Problems

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Air Purifier for Household Mold Problems

Indoor air quality is one of the biggest issues in a home. Places such as basements, attics and any other rooms with poor air circulation can be subject to mold extensive mold growth and mold manage is the problem isn’t addressed.

If you notice a damp, rank smell or your family members are experiencing allergic reactions while inside, it’s important to call in a professional indoor air quality tester and mold remediation company in order to assess the situation. At BGS Environmental Services, our professional mold removal experts will determine whether or not your home has an air quality issue.

The Perfect Solution to Improving Indoor Air Quality

If you’ve been notified that your indoor air quality is poor and opening windows and using fans isn’t helping, our experts recommend the Humidex ventilation system. The Humidex ventilation system is capable of improving and solving poor indoor air quality for an entire home. These devices are maintenance free, are energy efficient and just one system can cover up to 4,000 square feet of living space.

Our mold removal and indoor air quality company will discuss with you the best place to install the new system. Most of the time the system is placed in the basement because HVAC systems are usually located there and disperse air throughout the home. The installation process is quite simple, and you’ll be set up and ready to go in less than an hour!

Contact our professional mold remediation company today to learn more about the Humidex system or for mold removal services.

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