5 Easy Ways to Improving Indoor Air Quality

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5 Easy Ways to Improving Indoor Air Quality

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Did you know it’s possible to have worse air quality within your home than outside it? There are so many air pollutants within your home that you may not know about, such as the pain on your walls, poor kitchen ventilation, mold issues and pet odors.

Looking for a quick fix to improve your indoor air quality? Here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. Do some research about the type of flooring material you’re using. Carpets and vinyl flooring often emit harmful air pollutants due to their sealant and adhesive materials. Real hardwood flooring, stone or tile, or linoleum is a better choice.
  2. Consider UL Environment certified windows for your home. Certified windows have gone through an extensive testing process to make sure that no toxins are released into your home.
  3. Keep the windows open every now and then to circulate the air within your home. Oftentimes mold can flourish in damp, dark places. Having some natural sunlight and air flow will help dry out your home. If you’ve already noticed a mold problem, it’s best to contact a mold remediation company first.
  4. Inspect the paint you’ve used in the interior of your home. Most homeowners leftover pain buckets where you can read the ingredients. Be sure that your paint cans say “low-VOC” or “zero-VOC.”
  5. Check your bedroom and other rooms you spend the most time in, as many chemicals that pollute your home can come from cleaning supplies, linens, furniture and mattresses. If you can, opt for organic linens and carpeting for these rooms.

If you believe your home is making you sick, contact BGS Environmental Services, Inc. so we can run some quick and efficient indoor air quality tests. Our professional mold remediation crew is certified to install Humidex products, which drastically improves indoor air quality.

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