3 Reasons to Have a Fall Season Mold Inspection

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3 Reasons to Have a Fall Season Mold Inspection

The weather in the South Shore area is finally getting crisp and cool, but that doesn’t mean we should be letting our guard down when it comes to household mold. In fact, more mold issues arise during the fall and winter months than any other time in the year, and this is due in part to condensation on walls and windows within our homes.

At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. we highly recommend a professional fall mold inspection for several reasons.

  1. Eliminate mold HVAC system risk. Cold weather means it’s time to turn your HVAC system back on. Keep in mind that after your HVAC has been sitting unused for months, mold spores could have found safe refuge within. If you notice a musty smell in the basement, this is a big indication of a mold problem and you shouldn’t turn your HVAC system on yet — or run the risk of spreading the mold throughout your home.
  2. Improve your family’s health. You may be blaming your allergy symptoms and “cold weather asthma” on the dropping temperatures, but really the problem could be a basement or attic mold issue. Unexplained headaches and decreased attention span or dizziness that seems to go away as soon as you leave the house is another indication of household mold problems. At BGS Environmental Services, Inc. our professional crew installs air purification systems to improve indoor air quality for you and your family.
  3. Peace of mind. If nothing else, many homeowners in the Quincy and South Shore areas opt for fall season mold inspections to simply rest assured knowing that their home is mold free. If the trained mold inspectors do find a mold problem, then our professionals will conduct the necessary mold remediation steps to get your home back in good shape. Our team specializes in basement and attic mold remediation as well as interior demolition if the mold problem is extensive.

Make sure your family is happy and healthy this fall by opting for a mold inspection. It’s also a good time to start thinking about improving your home before the holiday season rolls around. Contact us today to improve your indoor air quality!

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