10 Best Ways to Prevent Mold

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10 Best Ways to Prevent Mold

It’s never fun once you discover you have a mold problem in your home, so why not take the steps to prevent those pesky spores from thriving in the first place? Below are 10 helpful tips and tricks to preventing the colonization of mold in your home.

  1. First things first: clean away any existing mold or hire a mold remediation expert to ensure that you are starting off on clean slate.
  2. Be sure to vacuum on a regular basis (at least once a week) to remove any potential spots that mold could grow in. Some problem areas are usually bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements because they generally are moister than other rooms in the house.
  3. For high-moisture rooms, purchase an area rug or mat that can easily be taken outside and cleaned of thrown in the washing machine. Bath mats should be cleaned regularly.
  4. Be sure to pick up any accruing piles of paper, books, or clothes as these items tend to have food on them. If left untouched for long periods of time, there is a high chance mold has started to grow.
  5. If you find or notice any leaks in windows, your basement, or your roof, be sure to repair these issues as soon as you see them. Assess if there has been any water damage, as water damage will almost certainly lead to mold issues.
  6. Homeowners should assess whether or not their foundation is on a slight slope to ensure that water runoff from the gutters and downspouts slows away from the home. Water may accumulate if there is no gradation and seep into the basement.
  7. Be sure to let in sunlight or open windows on nice, dry days. Mold does not like dry climates and will essentially shrivel in direct sunlight.
  8. Household items and appliances such as humidifiers and washing machines should always be thoroughly cleaned out. Those with front-loaded washers should keep an eye on the condition of the drum and wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe once in a while.
  9. If your home has a basement, it is always a good investment to purchase a dehumidifier to ensure that no furniture items you may have in storage down there attract mold. If you notice a leak, a dehumidifier can be used as an immediate solution to prevent mold while you call a professional to fix the issue.
  10. Attics can attract mold as well, so make sure they are properly insulated and ventilated. Changes in temperature can cause condensation if the attic is not properly ventilated.

Of course, if you already notice a mold issue or suspect you may have mold in your home, give a mold remediation company such as BGS Environmental Services, Inc. a call so they can identify the source and take necessary steps to make the area mold-free.

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